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My Husband’s Periodontitis Poisoned His Heart…

But we were lucky to

Discover the Essential Bio-Hacks That
Clear the Infection Out of Your Mouth & Body Naturally and
Help You Get A Healthy Body

Scientifically proven to fight the true causes of periodontitis and teeth decay

Dr. David


Research by The Harvard School of Dental Medicine discovered
more than 600 types of different bacteria (more trillions of microorganism)
in the human mouth and throat regions…

And these bacteria range from causing diseases like the common cold,
respiratory infections to heart diseases

So, your mouth, your throat, and your nose are the key access
points for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to enter your body.

And they viciously multiply in your mouth and throat area, silently
waiting for the right moment to attack your gums, lungs, heart,
blood and brain.

That is why, now more than ever, it’s crucial to find out how safe
your home-oral day to day routines truly are

And what are the essential ORAL HOME-HACKS that support
not only the health of your teeth and gums,
but the health of your entire body! 

Do you think there is any connection
between your smile and your heart?


Yes: periodontitis’ gum infection can cause much more than just
the loss of all your teeth…

And also places you in high danger of getting many serious
diseases, including ED, prostatic disease, osteoporosis and

In fact, if you lose as little as 5 teeth you’re already on the fast
lane to an early grave because your risk of heart attacks or
strokes skyrockets…

And don’t just take my word for it.

More studies state that such a simple thing like a hidden infection
in your gums can place you in mortal danger in almost 50% of the

 Unbelievable, right?… 

And the worst part of it is that the doctors don’t detect it until it’s too

Because most of the symptoms are so non-specific…

Yet, even worse is that the oral-care specialists know all about the
dangers of gum infection and losing your teeth for your overall

But they keep charging you for dental procedures…

Because they gain outrageous amounts of money from your oral
health struggles and your general health-expenditures!

I feel ashamed and angry for the dirty compromises my fellow
dentists and health-care industry are doing…

Only to fill their pockets while staining their souls.

And the only reason you are hearing about this today is because it
led me to embark on a journey that changed everything in my life
and the life of thousands of people around me…

And offered me the revelation of a simple and amazingly effective
oral and general health-care discovery…


Something that the aboriginal Pakana tribes from the Australian Island of Tasmania used for 40.000 yearsfor large-strong teeth, FREE of periodontal

A set of secrets so powerful that it would destroy the root cause of the worst gum infection

And support your health and fortify your immunity
to protect you from health-threats for life.

And, after so many painful and expensive dental procedures,
wasted money and endless feeling of fear, frustration and shame,

Eliminate the root cause of your tooth decay and gum infection and
support the health of your teeth…

Helping you going
from this…


to this…


Freeing you from the paralyzing feelings of shame, stress and
depression that were taking control of you every time you opened
your mouth…

And, in turn, restoring the self-confidence, good mood and even
the high energy levels and the sex drive you longed for…

And putting a smile back on your face!

Dazzling every gum-diseased or dental sufferer person yearning to
know your secret.

Because, despite what you’ve been told…

The root cause of your teeth decay – and other health-related
problems – has nothing to do with:

Whether you’re a man or a woman…
The color of your skin…
Whether you’re 20 or 80 years old…
How thoroughly you brush your teeth…
How much money you spend on dental procedures.

And they would want you to feel guilty…

But it is not your fault. 

And in fact, it’s all down to this:

Some poisonous substances are latching onto your gums and
floating through your body just as we speak

Forcing your TEETH (and your bones!!!) to CRUMBLE from inside

Eating away at your cells, infecting your gums, poisoning your
blood, and traveling to important organs in your body.

And studies have found these poisonous substances in something
you ingest every day…

Which makes it more dangerous particularly for those over 40 years
old, who have been stocking it for so long inside their bodies…

And who get infected easier and find it more difficult to fight any
infection off or to absorb calcium or minerals in order to fortify their
bones and their teeth.

And these toxins are the real cause of America’s alarming
periodontal prevalence.

In fact, a recent CDC report states that in the U.S.:

  • 2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of
    periodontal disease.
  • Periodontal disease increases with age, 70.1% of adults 65
    years and older have periodontal disease.

But have no fear,

By using my discovery of the ancient simple natural tricks very
familiar to the primitive tribes from Tasmania

Who used it to make themselves immune to gum infection…

And to have beautiful dental arches, large-strong teeth, free of
and periodontal gum infection,

You can easily identify and eliminate the toxins that have been
placing your teeth, gums, and your body in danger since you were

You can support the health of your teeth and gums…

And secure your overall health.


In truth, this set of easy hacks is so complete and effective…


And so different from any painful and expensive dental

That the dental and oral-care industry, whose entire business relies
on you NEVER being healed

Keeps it hidden away from you.

Because the toothpaste manufacturers in the US got $26.09 billion
in 2018, only from the toothpaste you bought.

And, according to, it is expected to RISE to
$36.98 billion by 2024!

Also, the average net income for dentists 2018 was $190,440 for
general dentists and $330,180 for specialists.

And it has been RISING constantly, according to the American Dental
Association (ADA).

Plus, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment for
is also RISING with 19.4 % – around 25,700 new jobs until

So, not one, but more industries are scared because what I’m
about to tell you could bankrupt their business model overnight.

Also, they don’t want you to find out that a cavity or a loose tooth, a
smelling mouth, tooth sensitivity to warm or hot or bleeding gums…

Are all late-stage symptoms of something much more severe.

And YES, this set of 100% natural and easy in-house secrets
restored my patients smile and lust for life

Because it addresses the true cause of teeth decay and many
other related diseases…

Helping you remineralize and fortify your teeth
from inside out…

Protecting your bones and joints…

And supporting the health of your vital organs and
a powerful immunity!


My patients finally felt self-confident and sexy enough to smile
again, to engage in social interactions, to move around with ease
and to regain an overall good mood

And even to get back on the intimacy wagon.

So, this is too important to hide.

And maybe you and your dentist simply didn’t know about these
easy and 100% natural essential health-hacks

But you’re here now.

So please, for the sake of your life and the life of the ones you care
about, stick a few moments with me

Because, even if I place myself in GREAT DANGER with this
message, reaching 1st place on more than one hit-lists…

In the next 5 minutes I will share with you why everything you
thought you knew about oral care is clearly WRONG.


I’ll reveal the biggest 3 oral-care LIES spread by
the oral-care industry and the dental “specialists”
around the world…

…and why the oral-care products and the dental
procedures may temporarily work…

…while placing your gums, teeth and your overall
health in grave danger…

Because even with much pain and much money
spent on all those, you somehow end up in the
dental office again, with even more problems
than before.

Risking not only the loss of your teeth…


But also, the infection of vital organs and the decay of your body…

In fact, the gum disease- associated problems can even cause
death if you don’t discover and address the root cause correctly.

So, today I will reveal the true reasons that truly cause your gum
disease to damage not only your teeth, but your entire body.

And the ancient proven BIO-HACKS that you can begin tonight to
crush these health threats.

Because tonight, even while you are sleeping, these tricks will
trigger the right wheels in your system to annihilate and flush away
any unseen infection in your gums, mouth, and throat.

And re-mineralize your teeth, your bones, protect your vital organs,
improve your general energy, and boost your immunity.

Plus, you’ll get the research that proves how this works.


And more than 5.253 people like you and me
confirmed that it’s working!

And their messages keep coming, redeeming my
soul and filling my heart with joy that these holistic
Bio-TRICKS saved them, too.

So, whether you’re 35 or 95 years old…

Whether it’s cavities, yellow teeth, bad breath, tooth
sensitivity, bleeding gums…

Or a gum infection that is wreaking havoc on your teeth, gums and
actually on your blood and vital organs…

Whether you tried every dental establishment you could afford and
every oral-care product available…

And even if you think you have perfect teeth…

And you simply care about your present and future health…

Please pay close attention to every single word, because you’re
about to discover the top-performing natural ingredients
in the world

Help you grow strong and mineralized teeth
Annihilate any gum infection and support the health of your gums

Combat the dangerous bacteria in your mouth andthroat, before it reaches your lungs, blood, heart and other vital organs…

Help your support the health of your lungs, heart,
joints and bones and ensure good digestion…
Restore your self-confidence and
boost your energy levels…


Help you boost your immune system now, so you are protected
against health threats that may come in the future.

These home bio-tricks are really that powerful.

And you can easily apply it with only pennies from the comfort and
safety of your own house.

And today I’m going to share it with you.

Ok, it’s time to properly introduce myself.


Hi, I am Dr. David.

I am a doctor, a dentist to be more accurate.
This is not my real name, for reason that you’ll
come to understand soon enough.

Here’s is how it all began: I took an oath to do
no harm…

And I remember it like it was yesterday, honest and pure,
having one goal and one goal only: to help my fellow people.

Over time though, after a long practice of dentistry in a public health
clinic, I discovered shocking facts about the oral care industry…

That were not in sync with the Oath I took to protect people and
help prevent diseases…

I found myself lost and I didn’t know what to do…

Until one day, when Maria, one of my patients, told me about her
husband’s story.

She said: “Dr. David, I want to thank you for receiving me in such
short notice. You come highly recommended by my friend, who
knows about the oral struggles my husband is in.

One year ago, I began noticing my husband looking weaker, tired
all the time, having aching joints and muscles and some
symptoms of the flu

At first, I thought he is just tired – he’d been working a lot…

You know what I mean, after a certain age, you think it’s normal to
get tired easily…

And with our mortgage and our kids, he was always taking extra

“You need to rest more”, I told my husband…

And I made sure to let him be and just take care of all the rest,
hoping that he’ll soon recover.

After a few days though, the symptoms remained the same, so we
thought that maybe he has a mild cold…

We immediately went to his physician, who prescribed him some
antibiotics and antivirals, convinced that he has the flu.

And after a while, his symptoms appeared to be gone and
everything seamed to get back in order.

At a certain point, I had even forgotten about all that.

And, because he was still working a lot, I thought of something special, a nice gesture for him to
reward his efforts…

So, I arranged for the kids to go at my mothers’
and I planned a special dinner at candle lights
just for us two.
It had been a while…

Just imagine, I prepared his favorite dishes and
opened a fancy red wine…

Put some Barry White on, some sexy lingerie and
an idea of a dress and perfume…


I lit up some candles and turned the lights down low…

And the setting for a hot night was ready.

As we went through the dinner, I suddenly realized something a little
embarrassing to tell…

My husband’s breath stank… 

I was a little bit surprised, to be honest… He keeps a thorough oral

But I kept quiet… It was not the moment to spoil it…

And I love him so much… I was prepared to go ‘round this…

The dinner was so good and the mood, so fine, that we turned up
engaging in some bedroom action…

But do you know what surprised me?

When the moment came, nothing happened“Man” down.

And he also accused joint and back pain.

“No biggie”, I told him… “It happens” …

The second time this happened though, I really started to get

My husband is only 47 years old… kind of early to develop erectile
and arthritis

From that moment on, he felt even more embarrassed to approach

He started eating more, moving less, gaining weight, accusing
more joint pain and swelling in his legs and feet

Weirdly enough, he began having a persistent cough and waking
up often
during the night to go pee

I could see he has problems concentrating and he is constantly in
a foul mood… 

To be honest, it crossed my mind he’s cheating on me…

And the idea of leaving him began to take roots in my head.

One day, though, my husband displayed shortness of breath and
chest pains when breathing… Plus, he peed blood.

I got scared right away…

And in an instant, I realized it’s bad and I urgently drove him to the
emergency room…

And there, they dropped the bomb on us…

“Your husband’s heart is infected and he could die

from heartfailure”, the doctor said.
It seems he has a silent periodontitis

And the infection from his gums spread
through his bloodstream, reached his
heart and destroyed his heart valves

He needs to go into heart-surgery immediately.


If, hopefully he survives the surgery, your husband could soon
lose all his teeth

 For now, your husband’s heart could fail completely and you could
lose him in surgery…”

Dr. David, I felt like suffocating…

And I couldn’t wrap my head around it…

An infection hidden in his gums reached his heart and is threatening
to kill him?…

How is this possible?

My husband goes to the dentist regularly…

And he brushes thoroughly every day…

How is it possible that, after we spent so much money at the
dentist’s office and on medical care and interventions…

The doctors that were supposed to protect our health and prevent
us from any damage are the ones who ask for more money now
and shrug their shoulders.

At first, I got very scared and angry, Dr. David.

Bursting with anger on that fancy periodontist that we paid so much
to offer my husband the best oral care…

Dental deep cleaning, periodontal scaling and root planning… He
even recommended some pocket reduction surgery…

And we had to pay thousands of dollars from our own pocket…

Because our dental insurance doesn’t cover most of it…

Only to find out now he we lose all his teeth???…

Or, even worse, that he could die from this gum infection that
poisoned his heart???…

And now I am very frightened for my husband’s life…
I’m afraid he doesn’t make it, Dr. David.”

Maria’s story shocked me and I must confess that it was not the first
time I was hearing about this during my dental practice…

However, this was the moment when I knew I have to take a stand
and get the truth out there, so other people stay safe.

First, I told Maria a few facts about her husband’s periodontitis.

Gum disease is one of the most common diseases in America.
Periodontitis is advanced gum disease.

So, 8 in 10 US adults, representing more than 100 million people,
suffer from some degree of gum disease… 

And 4 in 10 people are not aware they have it…

So, even you may have it or someone you love, and you wouldn’t

In fact, The National Institutes of Health state that mild forms of
periodontal disease (PD) affect 75% of adults in the United States…

And the percentage increases after 65 years old because, in most
cases, it’s not detected or it’s not treated right…

Actually, only 3% of adults with moderate to severe levels of
periodontitis are treating it

And this is very dangerous for your health…

Because PERIODONTITIS is an advanced gum disease that is: 


Symptoms may not appear until advanced stages of the disease…
So, someone you love or even you may have it rightnow and didn’t even know it…


You can catch gum disease from kissing and you can pass it on
to your kids or your loved ones
through utensils


Your body works 24/7 to combat the bacterial infection, weakening your immunity and leaving you vulnerable to infections and
other diseases.

So, periodontitis may progress painlessly, producing few obvious
, even in the late stages of the disease…

In fact, according to the CDC, researchers have uncovered potential
links between periodontitis and other serious health conditions.

Periodontitis could poison one’s heart and destroy all teeth


Heart disease is the Nr.1st cause of death for men
and women in the U.S.

And numerous studies point to a link between
periodontitis and heart disease 

Experts proved the bacteria and other inflammatory toxins below the gum linetravel throughout the body,
including to the heart…

In fact, severe periodontitis increases the risk of suffering
a stroke with 50%

It’s true that preventing periodontitis alone will not rule out heart

But if you don’t take all measures to prevent and treat periodontitis,
your chances to develop heart disease will skyrocket…

Periodontitis may make Type 2 Diabetes worse and the other way

Those co-existing conditions create a
circular relationship in which the inability to
control glucose levels provide an
environment for the bacteria that cause periodontitis (which thriveon sugars) to grow…

Periodontitis has led to difficulties in
diabetics regulating the glucose levels…


And even worse, studies show there is a 2.3 times higher
mortality risk
for people that have bothType 2 Diabetes and
severe periodontitis

Experts agree that controlling blood sugar levels decreases the
risk of periodontitis
, as well as other complications from type 2

Periodontitis is linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) in males


And that’s because the inflammation of the gums
passes to the other systems throughout the body
and reaches the reproductive system too…

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study
that showed 53% of male patients with (ED) also
suffered severe periodontitis.

( )

I can’t stress enough why it is so important that you solve or prevent this one…

Periodontitis can cause or accelerate arthritis

Arthritis is the 1st cause of Disability in the US…
When your immunity system registers enemy
microbes in your mouth, the defensive response is
to move white blood cells to the affected tissues…

Unfortunately, this immunity action activates
osteoclasts, which begin to destroy your bone


Thus, the exaggerated response of your immunity to bacteria in
your mouth triggers the evolution of osteoporosis

And you don’t want to live your adulthood like a disabled person,
just because of an untreated gum disease…

Periodontitis increases the risk for other severe diseases,
like dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases,
respiratory disease and autoimmune diseases

So, periodontitis and any degree of gum disease, detected and
undetected, places you in grave danger in so many ways…

That is why you must do something different about it starting

So, the first thing you need to now in order to protect your
health is to know what places you in danger.

So you take extra care.
Well, besides the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth and
the toxic immune response of your body to inflammation…

  • ILLNESSES that interfere with the
    immune system (autoimmune diseases)
    affect the condition of your gums…

    Also, diseases like Type 2 Diabetes that
    affects the body’s ability to use blood
    sugar places you at a higher risk of developing
    infections such as periodontal disease and cavities.

In fact, research has shown that people with
Type 2 Diabetes
are more likely to develop severe
, causing more tooth loss than those without it.

  • MEDICATIONS can also damage your oral health,  because some lessen the flow of saliva, which has a protective effect on teeth and gums.

    Some drugs, such as anticonvulsant medications and antianginal drugs, can cause abnormal growth
    of gum tissue…

So, if you are under medication, you must consider that they are silently
hurting your gums from within…

And you must take safe precautions to ensure the protection of your
and to prevent periodontitis and tooth decay

So you don’t lose your teeth or you don’t get other organs infected from
your periodontitis…

  • GENETICS is also involved in about half of
    periodontal disease cases…

     If your parents had gum disease, you’re 12x’s
    more likely to host the bacteria that
    causes gum disease

Family history of dental disease can be a contributing factor
for the development of periodontitis.

That is why you need to counteract the genetic “defects” that we
all inherit and to discover how you can minimize the damage they
bring to your health.

  • POOR ORAL HYGIENE HABITS, such as not brushing and flossing on a daily basis, make it easier forperiodontitis to develop, too…

    Maybe you’re not brushing and flossing enough or right way…

Still, even if you’re doing everything right, brushing
thoroughly every day, flossing and…the works, you may
be still struggling with teeth
and gum decay and spending a lot
of money on dental work

Or you may be dealing with associated gum-disease problems
without even knowing about it…

  • STRESS is too one of the weight factors
    that concurs to your tooth decay.
    It is crazy how high is the level of stress in
    your body when you’re getting mad…

    Or upset, or worried, or scared…

    Something you’re probably experiencing
    right now, as you find out more…

And that is because we have become sensitized, or acutely sensitive,
to stress

Hard-wired with a stress response system that switches on nerve
that ignite the body’s fight-or-flight response as if you
were in a life-threatening danger…

So, even the merest intimation of stress can trigger a cascade
of chemical reactions in the brain
and body that assault us from

And, by responding to the stress of everyday life with the same
surge of biochemicals released during major threats, the body is
slowly killing itself…

The mechanism of stress is so vast and complex and its effects – so
devastating – that we need another day to discuss them…

But just to be concise and to the point, through its biochemical
reactions, stress overturns the biochemical order in our bodies

And weakens our immune system, leaving the door wide open
for any infection and not being able to fight it…

And that includes the silent infection hiding in the pockets of your
gums that can quietly travel to the heart or other parts of your

I don’t want this to happen to you, that is why.

And that is because we have become sensitized, or acutely sensitive,
to stress

Hard-wired with a stress response system that switches on nerve
that ignite the body’s fight-or-flight response as if you
were in a life-threatening danger…

So, even the merest intimation of stress can trigger a cascade
of chemical reactions in the brain
and body that assault us from

And, by responding to the stress of everyday life with the same
surge of biochemicals released during major threats, the body is
slowly killing itself…

The mechanism of stress is so vast and complex and its effects – so
devastating – that we need another day to discuss them…

But just to be concise and to the point, through its biochemical
reactions, stress overturns the biochemical order in our bodies

And weakens our immune system, leaving the door wide open
for any infection and not being able to fight it…

And that includes the silent infection hiding in the pockets of your
gums that can quietly travel to the heart or other parts of your

I don’t want this to happen to you, that is why

Today, you will get the guide to naturally help your body to
cope with stress
and with other problems, to prevent the
of your bodily functions and to fortify your
, so you age healthy and with grace.


But first, please let me tell you that you are in more danger of
developing advanced periodontitis with these risk factors:


Smokers are 7 times more likely to get periodontitis and develop advanced periodontal disease than nonsmokers…

And even “secondhand smokers” have a 50-60% greater chance of developing periodontitis than non-smokers…

But if you’re not ready or can’t quit right now, like some of my patients, then you should take extra care of your oral health.


The older you are, the greater the risk for periodontitis…
More than half of adults aged 35-69 show signs surrounding three or four teeth…

In America, 50% of the adults over 30 years old have advanced periodontitis (periodontitis), whether they know it or not…

And if you look at people over 65 years old, 70% of them suffer
from moderate-advanced periodontitis…



Because they have a destructive effect on oral health…
So, if you are a woman, you should know that hormonal changes make your gums more sensitive, which makes it easier for periodontitis to develop…

This sensitivity is triggered in your body by menopause, puberty, pregnancy, monthly menstruation, and birth control prescription pills

So, nearly 75 % of periodontal office visits are women.

This sensitivity is triggered in your body by
menopause, puberty, pregnancy, monthly menstruation and birth
control prescription pills

So, nearly 75 % of periodontal office visits are women.


Still, periodontitis prevalence is higher among males

And scientists explain this statistical difference through 2 variables:

The 1st variable is the biological one, determined by the
chromosomal structure, as well as reproductive organs and functions,

The innate immune response to infection is more regulated in
women and more intense in men.

So, even if hormones generate more inflammation, women produce
higher levels of resolvins – specialized pro-resolving mediators
(SPM) – due to increased synthesis of long-chain n-3 PUF (omega-
3s) …

And that leads to more effective periodontal inflammation

So, women tend to be more effective at pathogen clearance
compared to men.

The 2nd variable for higher periodontitis prevalence in males is
believed to be the gender socio-behavioral difference between
men and women…

So, even though women earn less than men, still, having lower
access to health care…

Women have better oral hygiene habits than men.
And that leads to better oral and overall health.

What you ingest is CRUCIAL for the health of your teeth, gums, and
for the health of your body!…

Because some ingredients or foods you eat and some of what you
drink hurt your teeth and gums and accelerate your teeth decay…
And I urge you to get this crucial information…

Because if you don’t fight periodontitis on all fronts, you will
eventually lose your teeth 

And you need to discover how come it’s getting worse, even
though you are doing everything right in taking care of your teeth
and gums…

And for that, I finally need to reveal to you the most shocking LIES
of the oral-care and health industry! 

Fluoridated water is good for you

You may be wondering what I’m talking about…

Maybe you live in a state where you have fluoridated water since
before you were born…

And everybody knows that fluoride is good for your teeth and health,

WRONG! Let me tell you why…

Fluorides are naturally-occurring minerals in water and soil at
varying levels…

But also, fluoride is a byproduct of copper, aluminum and iron

So, you would be in the right to say that fluoride is a hazardous
chemical waste
that costs a lot to be disposed of

So, isn’t it a funny coincidence that, in the 1930’s, one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum “discovered” that fluoride is the miraculous ingredient for healthy teeth?…

And maybe, instead of paying a lot to
safely dispose of it, they could put it somewhere else…

So, in the 40`s, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to add fluoride in the PUBLIC WATER SUPPLIES


And this “move” was falsely advertised as an effort to strengthen
teeth and prevent gums and tooth decay…

Toothpaste with Fluor is good for you

The second coincidence is that a toothpaste manufacturer (among
many other products) used the fluoridation of the public water


And introduced the much-praised fluoride in his toothpaste, for the 1st time in history…

Thus, becoming The Nr.1 Toothpaste and Oral Care Products Manufacturer in the US (and probably in the world) …

A place that they still hold until today…

After using advertisers, painters, and children with beautiful smiles…

In one of the biggest toothpaste advertising campaigns ever…

That stated how FLUORIDE is the answer for perfectly-healthy teeth
and gums…

”Well, hey, great news!” you could say… 

”With all this safe fluoride in my tap water and in my toothpaste and
in other oral-care products…

Since the 40`s, so since before I was born… 

I should have perfect teeth and gums by now!… 

And so should ALL Americans… 

Well, you know what’s scary-funny as hell?…

Instead of perfectly-healthy teeth and gums…

Almost 50% of the adult population in the US suffer from

While the toothpaste sales brought them $26.09 billion in 2018

The same toothpaste used since childhood, that was supposed
to get rid of cavities and remineralize teeth…

Scary, right?…

So, more than 64.7 million of people that are losing their teeth in
the US only…

And periodontitis cases and dental problems among children and
adults are continuously increasing

Why?… Because the shocking revelation is that:


And this is not a metaphor! Fluoride in some amounts is an actual

Fluoride was used as an insecticide and rat poison
And even the smallest amount of fluoride can cause acute toxicity, characterized by nausea, vomiting and headaches…

And that’s in its earliest stages…


So, what kind of magician transformed it into a health-elixir

Because the “funny” thing about using fluoride to remineralize your
teeth is that…

No toothpaste formula contains enough of the
the substance to actually remineralize teeth!

 And manufacturers can’t add more Fluor, because of recent FDA

Because fluoride actually does more harm than good…

 In fact, a study performed by The National Institute of Dental
Research (NIDR) in the 1980s on 39,000 school children in the U.S.
showed fluoridated water does not prevent tooth decay

And even worse, numerous studies like the ones by Rapid
Response or by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering
and Medicine have proven that, at high doses or prolonged
exposure to it, fluoride can actually damage people’s teeth

Giving you dental fluorosis that gets your teeth discolored and corroded…

And, what’s more alarming… 

High intake of fluoride can cause severe health problems!

And the fluoride intake cannot be controlled…

When you don’t know how much you get from the tap water,
toothpaste and the other sources…

So, excess accumulation of fluoride in the bone can give you joint
, tenderness of major joints, and brittle bones (Skeletal
) …

Helping you get Arthritis, the Nr.1 cause of disability in America…

Another huge problem fluoride creates in your body is hormonal,
giving you weight gain, depression, fatigue and cognitive

Problems that can impair your entire life functioning…

And you don’t have to take my word for it…

In fact, in an analysis of the evidence and practice of fluoridation in
Australia in 2012, Awofeso argues that artificial water fluoridation is
not just questionable from an ethical perspective but is, in fact,
clearly unethical.

Plus, even the National Institutes of Health published a study called
“Correlation between drinking water fluoride and TSH hormone by
ANNs and ANFIS” 

…that proves that fluoride obstructs the natural production of thyroid

And this results in the problems above…

They also found evidence that prolonged fluoride exposure is a
possible cause of uterine and bladder autoimmune disease …

Shocking, right?!?…

Even more shocking is that it doesn’t stop here…

The list of other serious health problems you can get from
fluoride exposure continues with bone autoimmune disease and
cognitive impairments

And it affects you since before you were born

In fact, The World Health Organization research suggests the
damage from fluoride in water is done to the child even from his
mother’s womb

And the resulting children are at higher risk of
neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD

In fact, in 2019 NIH published a study by JAMA Pediatrics that
proves that drinking an extra milligram of fluoride per day, plus a
mug of tea (which is itself a source of fluoride) during pregnancy
translated to an average 3.66-point IQ drop for boys…

(“Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During
Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada”)

And this study is backed up and published even by the US National
Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health!

Yes yes yes…

All of this is real!…

So real, that the FDA issued a WARNING OF TOXICITY that all
fluoride-containing products
have to come with


But it still allows fluoride to be in 80% of the toothpaste on the

And ADA (The American Dental Association) continues to
recommend it…

And the story doesn’t stop here…

Next to harmful fluoride…

TOOTHPASTEs and ORAL-CARE products contain a long list of
toxic ingredients

And they can harm you in incredible ways…

These toxic toothpaste ingredients are known to:

  • Infect your skin, eyes, lungs and mucous membranes;
  • Cause you headaches, dizziness, weakness and memory loss;
  • Damage your brain functions and cause hyperactivity and
    ADHD in children;
  • Cause you gastrointestinal distress, including inflammation
    and colon ulcerations, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea;
  • Break your immunity.

Even worse, these toothpaste ingredients are known hormone

And they increase the risk that you get stroke, autoimmune

Also, they are listed as possibly carcinogenic and nonreproductive-
organ-system toxicity causers

And some of them even rank at full 10 on their hazard scale,

TOOTHPASTE the nr.1 reason for your tooth decay

More than 80% of the toothpaste on the market – especially the
advertised one – is extremely toxic…

And even the recommended dose – a PEA size – is considered

Still, the manufacturers enlarged the mouth of the toothpaste
tube and they use subliminal commercials…

To make you squeeze more on the toothbrush and use more
toothpaste each time


So you buy more each ear and they tenfold profits each year…

How is this possible?…

What kind of world are we living in?…

When toxic substances are introduced in what we ingest day by

It makes me want to scream!…

And what frustrates me the most is that my fellow dentists, the FDA
and the manufacturers in the industry know about it…

But keep quiet…

And keep on using, recommending and selling them…

For the huge profits of the few…

Even if they place your life and the ones you love in grave danger…

Just so they keep extorting hard-earned money from you again and

To treat and then replace – if you have the option – what they have
damaged in your body and your health…

Do you think this is fair to you? …

Well, I think it’s horrific…

And I don’t want this to keep happening to you…

You deserve to know

And you deserve to have the freedom of choice.

You deserve a better health and life.

And you deserve to enjoy your hard-earned money.

And not let them suck it all back…

That is why I have decided to speak and expose their horrific

Even if I place myself in danger of being hunted down and

I will take this risk because I know the truth and you have the right
to know it too.

And I have to take a stand against those who would try and destroy
the things we have fought so hard for generations to preserve:


And it’s urgent that you do something different about it…

And while I was working in the dental establishment and seeing so
many wrong-doings…

I decided to turn back to the roots…

And to resume my studies on the fantastic healing potential of

So, I associated myself with some former colleagues from the
Medical School and we formed a research team that studies the
natural scientific solutions for a healthy body.

And after more than 7 years of research, traveling, studying and
testing, we have discovered fantastic ways about the health of your
teeth, gums, and body!

Did you know that, a long time ago, before water
fluoridation, processed food and drugs, people had
healthy teeth and no cavities, until their death?

Yes, it’s true,

ANCIENT Romans had Exceptional Teeth

New research has revealed ancient Romans had
better teeth than people today…


Scientists used CAT scans to examine the remains of 30 men, women and children who were killed in Pompeii when the city was engulfed by ash and pumice from Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

And their most startling discovery was the excellent condition of the ancient Romans’ teeth

And they are not the only ones…

In fact, in 2018, Stanford University published a study by Dr. Sandra
Kahn and Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich, called “Why Cavemen Needed No

…stating that CAVEMEN needed NO BRACES 

And while modern industrialized societies are plagued by crowded,
ill-aligned crooked teeth…

The jaws of our ancestors-hunter-gatherers reveal roomy, perfect
of well aligned perfect teeth

Amazing, right?

After we discovered all this data in our research, we continued the
study even more vigorously, to find some other proofs for dental
perfection obtained NATURALY.

So we have reached some Australian medical archives, where the
medical data amazed us:

Aboriginal Pakana tribes from Tasmania had perfect teeth

Yes, research discovered that primitive aboriginal Pakana tribes from the Australian Island of Tasmania had magnificent dental arches and large-strong teeth, free of cavities and periodontal gum infection.

40.000 years ago, these Australian aborigines’ tribes
lived isolated from the mainland and were strangers
to “white man’s food” …


For them, tooth decay was almost unknown…

Can you imagine that?

And even more, research shows that other

Indigenous cultures had perfect teeth


Like the native from the Brazilian Pataxo tribe, who flash smiles with perfect pearly white teeth

And most often have no cavities!

Even though tooth brushing is rare (or
was rare, depending on the society).

Because in many regions of the world,
like in certain Muslim and African cultures, people are cleaning their
teeth with twigs…

Special twigs, that kill harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation and
stop bacteria and plaque from sticking to the teeth…

But, most importantly, their teeth and gums are so perfectly
for life because of their 100% NATURAL PURE DIETS
and of what they ingest!…

And because they have no access to Western civilization, with
fluoridated water, synthetic drugs, processed foods, and toxic
kinds of toothpaste and oral-care products… 

Well, TODAY you can discover their secrets!

Because, after gathering all this revelatory data, my medical
colleagues and I put together your own set of BIO-HACKS of
Natural Oral Health

With it, you will discover
how to identify and avoid all the toxic ingredients in your toothpaste,
how they harm your teeth, gums and how they place your health in grave danger.

In this BIO-GUIDE you will discover the essential natural ingredients that
re-mineralize and fortify your teeth and gums and what to look for in your ideal toothpaste,
oral-care products, foods and drinks.

The tips you’ll get here will help you boost not only the health of your teeth and gums, but the health of your entire body.

Also, you’ll get simple recipes to make your “in-house” oral-care products.

100% SAFE, 100% NATURAL and 100% EASY

And then, we put this guide to the test.

Many patients like Maria’s husband, and Maria too, desperately
needed something else: a safe, accessible and natural way to
protect and boost their health…

So, I took it upon me to make it my sacred mission to help other

So you don’t go through a life of oral and general health struggles
and money thrown down the window…

And after years of medical research and testing natural ingredients
with willing patients, I have stumbled upon miraculous solutions…

And these patients helped us research and test our theories…

And they were able to 100% fix their problems with their teeth and gums and other
associated problems using our all-natural solutions.

So, today I am sharing it with you too:

The BIO-GUIDE of Natural Oral Health

  • prevents you from wasting money on painful, expensive
    procedures and dangerous oral care products;
  • helps you stop the pain of inflamed gums and helps you
    prevent and heal periodontitis through easy bio-tricks;
  • reveals you how to revive and rejuvenate your teeth &
    gums while eating and sleeping;
  • ensures the remineralization of your teeth and gums
    through an easy and safe BIO-GUIDE, so you get back your
    healthy smile;
  • protects your overall health, providing a BIO-GUIDE that
    includes the SAFE ingredients for you in foods and
    toothpaste (and the dangerous ones that you want to avoid);

You will also get your BIO-GUIDE for the foods and drinks that rejuvenate and fortify your teeth and gums and prevent gum-bone loss

Plus, you will get help to re-mineralize your teeth, fortify your gums, repair damaged tissue and protect the health of your vital organs while EATING


Also, you’ll find which foods and drinks you need to avoid or to
drastically reduce for a healthy teeth & body.

Because the right nutrition helps your immune system fight
, protects your body from toxic factors, rejuvenates
your cells
and boosts your bodily functions and your overall

The exciting news is that these BIO-HACKS disclose to you the
and natural easy guide to

  • prevent your tooth decay;
  • re-mineralize and fortify your teeth & gums;
  • maintain healthy gums & teeth;
  • protect and fortify your vital organs;
  • boost your immunit

So, TODAY, while you still have time 

Get Healthy Gums & Bionic Teeth Naturally and
Prevent Tooth Decay & Rejuvenate Your Cells 

No prescription needed. No needles. No mills. No pain. No doctor’s visits. 

Without having to worry about ridiculous expensive and painful

Or worry about embarrassing and unaesthetic smile without teeth…

And without worrying about other severe health issues that
periodontitis or any degree of gum infection clearly brings…


Just like Maria discovered the truth…

About the ways, they were poisoning their gums, teeth, and their
bodies on a daily basis…

And just a few weeks after receiving my easy Bio-Guide, her
husband got free of the infection in his gums and his body!…

Following his heart surgery, he began following the easy, accessible
TRICKS inside my guide…

And made a few essential adjustments in their toothpastes-choices
and food-choices…

Which completely turned their life around!

She wrote:

Dr. Finn, you saved us! My husband felt better weeks after
following your secrets! At first, he felt a bit stronger, like his bones
had hardened…

Then, his breath improved and the infection in his gums and his
heart was completely gone! His teeth felt resistant and his gums
– fresh.

You could see that he feels revived! He was energetic and in a good
mood all the time, with a sharper mind and an agile body.

Shortly after, he regained his perfect physical and mental shape!

He even got around our intimate routine and he feels like in his
20’s…which is good news all around…

I am also following your Bio-Guide and we are in fantastic shape!

I can see now how I was hurting my body without knowing…

Now, using these tricks, even my skin looks younger and I feel
energetic and fresh all the time.

My entire body feels healed and protected.

We stopped going to our old dentist altogether…

We saved a lot of money on dental works he would have done…

I bet he would have replaced all our teeth in the end…

Now, we are traveling around with that same money, we are eating
what you suggested, we are drinking what you suggested and we
are preparing our home-made toothpaste from the recopies in your

And we are completely new people!

Now, we can both smile again!

With our mouth open wide!

I hope many people read this… It is shocking, revealing, and life-

Thank you, Dr. Finn.

God Bless.”

You can have this too and you can have it TODAY.

It is very simple; all you have to do is press this button…

And you can access all this amazing information for only pennies
from the comfort of your home

You can get your home ORAL-GUIDE now, with only $50.

Digital Downloads Only. 
CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.
Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.

Get it not for $50

Did you ever wonder how much money you’re spending on oral-
care products,
like toothpaste and others, since you were born?

What about your dental insurance and the dentistry bills?…

What about your other health-care costs to solve problems you
think just appeared out of thin air? …

But are actually caused by all the poison forced upon you without
your consent since the day you were born…

Is it $100.000?… Is it $200.000?… Is it more?…

What about surgeries?… How much a dental implant would cost


The toothpaste manufacturers in the US got $26.09 billion in 2018,
only from the toothpaste you bought.

And it will RISE to $36.98 billion by 2024…

The average net income for dentists 2018 was $190,440 for
general dentists and $330,180 for specialists.

And it has been RISING constantly… (ADA)

And the employment for dentists is also RISING with 19.4 %, as
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects (around 25,700 new jobs
until 2026) …

So, YOU BUY and SPEND MORE on your toothpaste, oral-care products, your dental insurance, your dental procedures…

And YOU are still experiencing TOOTH DECAY

Or you will if you don’t do something else about it right now…

Because in the US, the number of cases of advanced
periodontitis is also RISING!!!

How is this possible?…

Isn’t it against any logical common sense?

You spend more on oral care products and dental care.
So, shouldn’t the number of oral diseases and oral-related
infections decrease massively?…

Yes, they should. Instead, they are continuously increasing…

Ok, you need to take care of your teeth and gums, you need to
brush and clean your teeth and mouth…

BUT if we are buying so much of their toothpaste and spend so
much at the dentist, and still have increasing dental problems,


Not to mention the other serious health threats I mentioned above…

Think about it…

What is the thing we surely ingest every day, since we are born?

 Besides air.

Tap water and toothpaste… And they put fluoride in both

Since the ’40s… And both toothpaste manufacturers and dental
specialists made fortunes since then…

And our teeth got worse…

And we pay more and more to “treat” them, and then to replace
them… So…

What if you had PERFECT TEETH and gums?
They would go bankrupt.

I’m not saying to go to the dentist…

But, did your dentist ever tell you about all of this?…

Did he ever teach you how to choose a safe toothpaste and

Did your dentist ever tell you not to bleach your teeth because is
dangerous for the enamel or what to eat in order to fortify your

So, what I’m saying is: discover the truth and protect yourself.


Wouldn’t you like to discover how to avoid all these hazards and
prevent a lifetime of dental problems and over-all health

And to save hundreds of thousands of dollars?…

Well, you can do this today!

You can do this NOW.

You can get this BIO-GUIDE today at only $50.

It’s true, it contains the work of more than one person on the course
of many years, but I want to make this essential material
accessible to you…

So you put an end to the manipulation and discover the natural
to protect yourself and the ones you love right now…

Because after I will finish saying what I have to say and exposing
the horrific LIES you have been fed since the day you were born,
I am sure that this site will get viral…

And it’s a matter of days or maybe hours till they manage to shut it

I don’t want this to become viral…

This information is for you…

And for other people like you

Who cares about their health, their safety, their money, their freedom
of choice

This BIO-GUIDE is essential for preventing, slowing down or
stopping periodontitis and for restoring the health of your
entire body

It is available NOW. Hopefully today…

Not sure about tomorrow…

So, get this TODAY only at $50.

Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.
Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.

Get it now for $50

     You will actually get the ESSENTIAL NATURAL GUIDE to:

  • re-mineralize and fortify your teeth and gums so you prevent painful and expensive dental procedures;
  • prevent gum-bone loss so you grow old with your teeth in your mouth and your money in your pocket…
  • treat your teeth and gums naturally, so you enjoy a beautiful smile and a healthy breath to feel confident engaging in any social interactions;
  • reduce the risk of a stroke or other heart disease and enjoy a healthy heart throughout your life;
  • enjoy eating with your family and friends while boosting your health;
  • prevent or stop poisoning your body and rejuvenate your cells on a molecular level;
  • boost your energy levels and fortify your immunity, keeping you healthy, active and young throughout the natural aging process.
family black contour
  • reduce the risk of a stroke or other heart disease and
    enjoy a healthy heart throughout your life;
  • enjoy eating with your family and friends while boosting
    your health;
  • prevent or stop poisoning your body and rejuvenate your
    cells on a molecular level;
  • boost your energy levels and fortify your immunity,
    keeping you healthy, active and young throughout the natural
    aging process.

So, take a leap of faith with me, just like other patients of mine did,
and save your teeth and gums and boost your overall health!


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